Anti-US, Israel graffiti’s appear in old city

Srinagar: Hours after the US President, Donald Trump announced to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, fresh anti-US and anti-Israel graffiti’s besides slogans were seen written on the walls and streets in old city here.

The graffiti’s including US and Israel flags and cartoons portraying Trump were seen along with slogans like ‘Down with US’ in most parts especially in Hasnabad area of old city here.

The graffiti’s as per the locals were made to mark a protest against the US decision on declaring Jerusalem as capital city of Israel. 

Notably, the use of graffiti’s to register a protest started in 2016 unrest after protestors turned to art to express their anger against the government. The 2016 unrest left more than 100 people killed while thousands were maimed and blinded.

“The graffiti’s have emerged as a form of peaceful protests in the Valley as the forces do not allow the youth to express themselves about the issue they hold quite dear,” said, an artist who was also involved in carving out the graffiti’s. 

As the artists were busy in pouring their feelings out in the form of graffiti’s various youth were seen busy trying to burn the effigies of Donald Trump in Hasnabad area. The protestors raising slogans against the US and Israel were also demanding action against Israel for forcibly ‘occupying’ the Arab territory.

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