Defunct Kupwara ATMs leave customers fuming

Kupwara: Automatic Teller Machines commonly known as ATMs in northern Kupwara district headquarters town have been out of order since Monday evening causing great inconvenience to the customers.

A beeline of customers was seen lined up this morning in a long queue outside the only functional ATM near district hospital but many customers left dejected as the cash dispensing machine stopped giving cash this afternoon. 

“All ATMs in the town are either out of order or lack cash leaving customers high and dry. I visited various ATMs before lining up at the ATM near Kupwara hospital but the cash finished in this ATM too as soon as I was about to enter the ATM booth, ” said Bilal Ahmad, a Lolab resident.

He said more often than not, ATMs in the town lack cash or develop snag in Kupwara town causing inconvenience to the customers. “What is the point in having this facility, when it has become a major source of inconvenience”? he asked.

The customers rued the banks were closed today due to a holiday and bank offcials have a good reason not to deposit cash at ATMs and justify their failure in maintaining cash at cash dispensing machines.

The shopkeepers and local residents appealed bank authorities to make the ATMs functional in the town at the earliest.

“Defunct ATMs have a negative impact on day-to-day business transactions as people do not carry cash,” said Shahid ul Islam, a IT expert.

Despite repeated attempts, bank offcials could not be contacted for their comments. (Kashmir Wire) 


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