Muslims can prosper by following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW): Malik

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said that ‘the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is our pride and by following the sacred footsteps of great prophet Muhammad (SAW) can only Muslims prosper and triumph.”

A JKLF spokesman said that Malik visited the shrine of Batamaloo sahib and addressed a gathering there.

In his address, Malik said that today whole world is celebrating the birthday of beloved prophet, the last messenger of Allah almighty Muhammad Sallah o Alaih-I-Wasalam with religious fervor. “What we need to do on this occasion is to remember, recall and follow the scared teachings of the benefactor of humanity (Mohsen e Insaniyat) SAW,” he said.

He said that “our prophet (SAW) is our pride and the only way humanity can prosper and triumph is by following this greatest human in letter and spirit.”

JKLF chairman said that “our prophet SAW taught us to adhere to oneness of God (Tawheed), follow his Sunnah, to be kind to every human and to remain united. If we stick to great teachings of our beloved prophet and refrain from dividing ourselves in creeds (Maslak) and casts, no power on earth can ever defeat us, asserted JKLF chairman.”

Malik said that Islam teaches to distinguish between right and wrong, oppressors and the oppressed and to always remain at the side of truth; this is why we should always remain with the resistance movement of the oppressed.

“Our saints like Batamaloo sahib (RaH) have taught us humility and hard work and best way to respect these great souls is to recall their services for Islam and humanity,” he said while addressing a gathering at Ziyarat-I-Batamaloo sahib.

Hailing the struggle and sacrifices of the people of Batamaloo, Malik said that this area has always served as the hub of resistance and a nursery for new generations of resistance lovers. “This is the area which gave birth to greatest resistance leaders like Shaheed Sheikh Abdul Hameed who pioneered a historical revolution in 1990,” he said.   

While recalling the struggle and sacrifices of Shaheed I Hurriyat Sheikh Abdul Hameed whose father Haji Sheikh Abdul Kabeer passed away last evening, JKLF chairman said that the departure of Sheikh Abdul Kabeer is actually a personal loss to him as he was the father of his great friend Shaheed sheikh Abdul Hameed’s father.

He said that as one of the pioneers of Kashmiri freedom struggle, Shaheed Sheikh Abdul Hameed and his whole family led by Sheikh Abdul Kabeer, rendered valuable sacrifices for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir.

“As a father the deceased had to endeavor the loss of his eldest son, remain in jails and torture centers and at times tolerate the incarceration of his wife and other children too. But all these hardships and oppressive measures failed to subdue him and he continued with his humble social work, benevolence and patronage to needy people,” he said.

Malik said that today when this fatherly person has left for heavenly abode, we all pray for his soul and also pray for the Sabr I Jamil to his bereaved family. It is worth to mention that JKLF chairman along with whole JKLF leadership participated in the funeral prayers of the deceased. The congregational prayers (Chaharum) will be held on 3rd December 2017, at his ancestral graveyard Sideeqabad Batamaloo AT 10:30 AM.    

Malik after receiving the news of the demise of Sheikh Abdul Kabeer, along with many senior leaders of JKLF, reached Batamaloo and participated in the funeral prayers and burial of Sheikh Abdul Kabeer.

He breathed his last yesterday evening after a brief illness. Despite late in night and severe cold, thousands of people including JKLF chairman and many other resistance leaders attended his funeral prayers and laid him to rest at his ancestral graveyard.


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