Something ‘fishy’ in Block Development Office Verinag

Anantnag: Seemingly a ‘swindling of money’ issue has come to the fore from the Block Development Office Verinag Shahabad where the officials have withdrawn the money thrice for the construction of a same work.

The document available with ‘Kashmir Vision’ reads that the officials in the Block Development Office Verinag Shahabad have released the amount thrice for the construction of a link road under MGNREGA.

The official document reads that a newly started administration unit has constructed a single work repeatedly from 2014. “The link road from Ramzan Chopan to Majeed Malik in Dudwagan Verinag has been constructed thrice since done in 2013. Firstly an amount of Rs one lakh under MGNRGA, under No BDO/CB/NREGA 2052-55 was withdrawn,” the document reads.

In 2015 the work as per the documents was again executed with an amount Rs one lakh under MGNREGA. “The Masjeed Shareef to Ramzan Chopan link was constructed in 2015 under MGNREGA,” the documents reveal.

The work on the link road was again executed in a period of one year. “Rs one lakh has been withdrawn for the execution of same work worth Rs one lakh in the year 2016,” the official documents reveal.

Interestingly, if sources are to be believed, the unit is once again starting the work on the same link road, namely construction of footpath / Retaining wall/ drain from Mohammadd Ramzan to Masjid Shareef amounting to Rs 3 lakhs under S. No 1035 Adm No. ACDA/2017-18/13690-94.

BDO Verinag, Bilal Ahmad when contacted said that he has joined the block recently and has no information in this regard.” I will take a review in this matter,” he told ‘Kashmir Vision’.

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