Farooq Abdullah reiterates his PaK statement, says it belongs to Pakistan

Jammu: Reiterating his statement on Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) that it belongs to Pakistan, Member of Parliament from Srinagar and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah today said that PaK belongs to them (Pakistan).

“Yes, I say it (PaK) belongs to them (Pakistan),” Abdullah said at a party function in Jammu.

Abdullah further said that Pakistan should not be considered a weak nation by the central government as they are equally powerful as India in terms of nuclear capability.

“Are they (Pakistan) wearing bangles? They also have atom bombs! Do you want us to be killed by them? You are sitting in palaces, think about the poor people living in border areas, who are bombed daily,” he said.

Farooq Abdullah warned the right-wing groups in the country about the words they use while speaking about the minority community, particularly about the Muslims.

‘You have made one Pakistan, how many Pakistans will you make, how many pieces will you cut India into?’ he said.


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