Impatient to enter into Tihar’s death cell, says Malik

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday said that he is impatient to enter into Tihar Jail’s death cell.

Malik’s statement came a day after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) issued a FEMA notice against him.

Addressing a presser here, Malik informed that he is yet to receive any notice from ED and came to know about the ED notice through media as he hasn’t received a formal copy yet. “I want to convey a message to New Delhi that these notices in which they threaten us of imprisonment in Tihar Jail won’t end our spirit. I am right now impatient to enter into death cell in Tihar jail.”

“The case regarding which the ED has issued notice to me dates back to 2011 and its trial is already going on since past many years in POTA court in Jammu,” Malik said.

“I am surprised whether ED wants to run its own trial or what. It seems that New Delhi through its agencies (ED, NIA) wants Kashmir’s pro-freedom leadership to talk to its newly appointed interlocutor. The ED notice to me seems like putting a pistol on my head and making me talk to Delhi’s point men,” he said, adding that ED and NIA are being used as tools to force pro-freedom leadership into submission.

“Indian ruling regime with active support from local government is arresting sons, fathers, relatives, friends and other related people of resistance leaders and activists. Manipulating farce and false cases against them, putting them on trial and incarcerate them in jail. Indian fascist regime wants to convey to us that shun resistance and if you will not, we will kill you,” he said.

“India wants to use Gabbar Singh approach to finish our resistance but this is bound to fail,” he said.

He said this is what is called as ‘Gabbar Singh’ approach as Indians want them to talk with a gun on their heads and “if we say no, they come up with the notices and cases to intimidate and penalize us. Those at the helm in Delhi at present don’t understand the love of Kashmiri resistance leaders towards the movement as they didn’t exist when people of India were fighting against British. How can they understand the romanticism of a freedom fighter. They only know the language of suppressing the genuine voice by means of military might, had that been the case, no nation in the world would not have achieved freedom.”

“We the heirs of Muhammad Maqbool Butt want to tell Delhi and the local government do whatever you can and you wish, open the doors of jails and put us on gallows, we cherish these hardships but remember you can never ever finish the resistance of this nation against your illegal military occupation. The JKLF founder, Muhammad Maqbool Bhat has taught us how to sacrifice life. The freedom struggle is love for the leadership and they can’t be sacred or threatened. Government of India can happily open the gates of Tihar jail as we are ready to spend entire life there,” he said.

“Home Minister has given an ultimatum that there will be no ‘Tehreek’ in Kashmir by 2022 as they think that people will surrender. Let us convey them that the struggle will remain there in 2022. It will continue till Kashmir issue will be resolved,” he said.






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