Fisheries Sale Centre ‘diverts’ customers to private centre 

Anantnag: The employees posted at Sale Centre Verinag of Fisheries department are forcing the customers to buy trout fish from a private sale centres in the area.

Locals said that the employees posted in the sale centre usually force the customers to buy the trout fish from the private market.

“The employees claim that the fishes are small and are not for sale. It is better for you to buy fishes from private market,” they said.

Arif Ahmad a resident told that couple of days ago he visited the fisheries sale centre to bring trout fish but he was diverted to a private sale centre where he had to pay extra Rs 50 per Kg.

Notably, the rate at Fisheries Sale Centre Verinag is Rs 400 per Kg while at Private Sale Centres fish are sold at Rs 450 per Kg.

Inhabitants of Verinag appealed Director Fisheries to ensure the availability of fishes at the sale centre.


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