Opposition not playing blame game over braid chopping, says Altaf Bukhari

Gulmarg: Minister for education, Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday said that the blame game raised by various political parties over braid chopping was not aimed at fetching votes but the issue has become a concern for all the mainstream parties.

Talking to media persons  on the sidelines of one day golf festival organised by school education department, Bukhari said opposition parties have every right to raise questions over braid chopping issue as any party which is in  government has to take responsibility of all the matters concerning the state.

“Government has already constituted special teams of CID and other intelligence officials to monitor the braid chopping incidents and we are hopeful to unveil the miscreants,” he said.

He said braid chopping was matter of concern for all political parties and none was indulging in a blame game to fetch votes for them.

“No political party can create law and order problem at any issue which concerns chastity of our mothers and sisters. But I admit that public has expectations from government so we have to give them some results,” he said.

He however, said that people should give time to intelligence teams to probe these incidents which don’t happen in open but inside homes.

“We should not take law and order into our hands which can result in loss of innocent life. You can see what happened in Sopore. Such incidents are not taking place in open but inside homes. So it will take time to nab the culprits” he said.

The minister said no government on earth would wish to create law and order problems in state.

He expressed displeasure over attempts of hatching conspiracies over the issue.

“Unfortunately, Kashmir is being used to hatch conspiracy which ultimately disturbs peace and tranquility here,” he said.

Earlier, the minister inaugurated Khizaane Gulmarg 2017 golf festival organised by  Gulmarg Development Authority in collaboration with Directorate of School Education Kashmir.

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