Editorial: Anger displayed

The past few weeks have seen an extreme outpour of anger among the masses across Kashmir Valley. Be it the anger splattered by the vigilante crowds or even a commoner who is more bothered about his daily chores rather than any other political or other developments, the outbursts have crossed all limits.

The anger this time around has been more focused and the targets had to bear the brunt irrespective of the fact whether he belonged to the civilian class or even to the belt force. The anger that seems visible on the faces of the crowds, no doubt is being exploited by certain elements for their vested interests. But the fact of the matter is that the present day government too is responsible for the mess that has engulfed Kashmir.

Kashmiri society has been one of the most tolerant societies that have ever existed on the face of the earth. However, the past two decades have exposed the society to such gruesome incidents that the present generation have nothing to fear.  

It is rather turning out to be difficult to read people’s minds to see just why they are so angry. Chances are if directly asked them they probably won’t tell. The ways our society and the government machinery is encroaching on almost every aspect of our personal, professional and other aspects of life has put fears among the people that they have started to react violently.

The violent reactions by the people especially the younger generations have been witnessed over the past several years, but the issue has been wrapped under the garb of law and order and the law enforcing agencies have tried to wind up the issue with this argument  only.

However, the issue needs to be debated on a much wider spectrum as it concerns the future and the overall well being of our society. Therefore, the moot question as to what measures need to be taken by those at the helm of affairs needs quick answers.  

Generally what is being witnessed today is that the frustration among the youth builds with various uncertainties and when little, if any relief comes their way, their tolerance levels deplete thereby causing their anger.

This anger no doubt is witnessed in the day to day behavior of these youngsters and something needs to be done at an earliest. One initiative that can be taken up on war footing is the various initiatives that are needed to engage the youth in constructive and positive contributions.   

For ensuring this an atmosphere needs to be built where trust and tolerance levels need to be strengthened at various levels. A fresh beginning is the need of the hour. 

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