Stop acts of aggression, DG-BSF tells Pakistan

Srinagar: Director General (DG), of the Border Security Force (BSF), K. K. Sharma on Wednesday issued a veiled warning to Pakistan asking it to stop its acts of aggression in Kashmir Valley.

“As long as our friendly neighbor does not behave, I think we will expect to have many more attacks,” Sharma told media here after participating in the wreath laying ceremony for BSF officer B. K. Yadav who was killed in Tuesday’s attack on a BSF camp near Srinagar airport.

“We think the terrorists were targeting arms and ammunition stored at the BSF camp,” he said.

Praising BSF, Sharma said that a serious attack was averted by the BSF. “It is an example of the BSF’s discipline, training, and bravery.”

“Fidayeens cannot be stopped from coming, so the response is important. Without causing collateral damage and without causing much harm to our own forces, we were able to neutralize the attackers. BSF has done a good job,” Sharma added.

On Tuesday, three militants entered the 182nd Batallion of the Border Security Force(BSF) camp near the Srinagar Airport outside the Air Force station Gogo Humhama at 4:15 a.m.

BSF officer B. K. Yadav was killed and three others were injured in the encounter. The encounter left three militants dead.

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