Handloom, Handicrafts viable local sectors to resolve unemployment: Bhat

Srinagar: Handloom and Handicrafts have been one of the main sources of the employment contributing a lot to economy of the J&K state.

This was stated by Vice Chairman for Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation Nizam-ud-Din Bhat while chairing a meeting of the corporation on Wednesday. He said that registration of weavers, artisans and aspirants for business in these two areas is showing an increase which is a good sign for local craft and manufacturing of indigenous goods.

Bhat said a recent survey shows the number of unregistered weavers and artisans is also on increase and providing employment to self sustaining individuals.

He said the encouraging thing in this swelling number is that besides its financial value, the Art and Craft is enriching the local culture and works as the positive social tool.

Bhat said that state government and central government assistance to entrepreneurs, artisans, embroiders, craftsman, weavers and the skilled labours by way of subsidies and incentives have sustained rural and urban economy and small scale industry. He said these schemes come a long way in increasing the income index of individuals too.

He said that there is vast network of centres in organised and unorganised sectors which produce and earn even at training level. “Vast numbers of upcoming artisans and craft workers get benefitted by way of earning and skill development”.

He said since the state is reeling under a huge burden of unemployment, the sectors like handloom and handicrafts can provide a space for sustainable job opportunities and state government has to further acknowledge the significance of these areas.

He said that two corporations of handicrafts and handloom have a key role in inviting the educated youth to indigenous art and manufacturing by expanding the scope for business in national and international market.

Bhat said present sales centres at national level have remained under stress and competing capacity of Kashmir art needs to be re-energised in light of these objectives. He said during his various reviews of the corporations functioning, he has urged upon management to raise the stock of the corporations through accessibility, easy approach, better quality control and varied stock positions at the sale centres. “Salesman and management will be made accountable for any shortfall,” he added.

Bhat said the management has been asked to show an improvement in business so that basic workers of art and craft get more incentives for good work and enhanced reputation. He hoped that incoming months the corporations will show better results and production and business will further improve.

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