Cabinet approves abolition of affidavits in 51 services

The Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti today accorded sanction to the abolition of affidavits in respect of 51 services, forming annexure to this memorandum, which are not required to be submitted, while seeking/accessing these services from the concerned Government Departments/Organizations;

Further, the Administrative Departments shall process amendments in the relevant Acts/Rules, as may be required for abolition of affidavits for providing these services.”

The affidavits are sought from the public for various services of the Government like employment, admission in educational institutions or for availing the services/benefits under various State/Central Schemes, etc. and this avoidable practice consumes time and energy.  The process of getting an affidavit prepared is known to have aggravated people’s miseries and more than being a solution, it is a problem in itself.  An urgent need was therefore, being felt, to do away with affidavits unless there is a statutory requirement.

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