Sinha says his Kashmir report has been ‘dumped’


Former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha has said that his ‘report’ on the Kashmir crisis has been dumped by the Union government.

“There is no official response from the government,” Yashwant Sinha said during an interview to a web-based news channel.

“There are reports that it (Report) has been dumped. So, obviously, it has not received any consideration from the government.”

When asked about the reason, he said that his three reports which he and his team submitted after visiting the valley have not been acted upon.

The latest report which was submitted to the Union government by Yashwant Sinha and his team the ‘Concerned Citizens Group’ has stated that the alleged attempt to undo Article 35A of the Indian Constitution features among the key concerns of the Kashmiri people. It also states that in its interactions with students and residents, the sense of dismay and despondency in the people had grown.

“At the same time, the distance between rest of India and the Kashmiri youth seems to have increased. This was evident in the fact that even the people who used to talk reasonably earlier were using the language of the militants and separatists this time. People complained of not only of the military approach to the problem of Kashmir but also of a judicial/Constitutional aggression against the people of Kashmir in attempts to undo Article 35A of the Indian Constitution which ensured special rights for the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir,” the latest report submitted by the group said.

Union Minister said that the majority of the people in Jammu and Kashmir are for peace.

“Majority of the people in Jammu and Kashmir especially in Kashmir valley are for peace. That is why the statement of the Prime Minister from the ramparts of Red Fort has been welcomed in Kashmir,” he said.

He said that the visit of the Home Minister and his statements he has made during his recent visit have been welcomed. He said that the statements of these leaders have to be operational.

“Their words have to be concretized in terms of action. The dialogue process has to begin and not in the manner in which unfortunately Home Minister said that ‘I welcome everyone who is prepared to see me’. He also said that the government should also identify the stakeholders in the Jammu and Kashmir.

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