Avoid civilian causalities during ‘anti militancy’ operations: MHA tells forces

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has asked the security agencies to ensure that no harm whatsoever is done to the common masses while carrying out ‘anti-militancy operations’ in the state. MHA has also called for a ‘close coordination’ between security agencies during encounters in the state. 

A senior official said that officers of different security agencies were asked to avoid civilian killings and carry out anti-militancy operations without any collateral damage.

He said that Home Minister Rajnath Singh has also asked the heads of various security agencies to ‘deal sternly’ with militants.

“We need to deal with the militants strictly but there should be no civilian causalities at the encounter sites. A close synergy between forces is a must for ensuring smooth anti-militancy operations,” the Home Minister, according to sources, has said while discussing the fresh situation of law and order in the state.

Sources said that Rajnath Singh has also instructed the CRPF and BSF to explore the possibility of conducting special recruitment drives in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The MHA is closely monitoring the law and order situation of Jammu and Kashmir. “MHA has directed the security forces not to give any chance to militants to take advantage of the situation when crowds rush to encounter sites to help them to escape,” the MHA official maintained.

Meanwhile, sources said that army has also asked police to not let people come closer to encounter sites during gun battles to avoid civilian casualties.

“The police is being told to get more strict while dealing with the situation as the army does not have any riot control weapons,” the official maintained.

“Our job is not to deal with the crowd since we are not carrying non-lethal weapons. It is the police and para-military forces who are carrying weapons to disperse the mob,” an Army officer said, wishing not to be identified.

Meanwhile, senior police officials say that police has already issued an advisory, asking people to stay away from encounter sites.

“It is for the safety of the people not to create obstructions’ in anti-militancy operations,” he said.

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