Shutdown, protests on Aug 15 a referendum: Freedom Party

Terming the complete shutdown by people on India’s Independence Day as referendum, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Tuesday said by turning blind eye to such realities, New Delhi and its collaborators are deceiving none but themselves.

“New Delhi cannot mislead the international community, on Kashmir, for long, a party spokesperson said in a statement issued to press.

He said celebrating Independence Day in Kashmir under active support of lakhs of forces is ridiculous and that the distance maintained by people from government sponsored functions reveals their sentiments towards freedom.

“We’re not against the Independence Day celebrations by any country but to celebrate it on a territory that is disputed and awaiting resolution is unjustified,” he said.

Hailing people for their pro-freedom spirit, the spokesperson said, as usual, people by staying away from state-sponsored functions on this Day made it clear that they want nothing less than freedom.

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