34 PaK traders barred from carrying out LoC trade

After officials recovered 66.5 kilogram of heroin and brown sugar from a truck coming from PaK at Salamabad trade facilitation centre on July 21 last month, a total of 34 companies in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) have been banned from carrying out any trade activity on Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road.

The decision comes after the trade was held up for almost three weeks between the two parts of divided Kashmir. However, trade was resumed on Wednesday with only four trucks from this side crossing over to the other side with various commodities and products.

The traders from PaK, are however to resume the cross LoC trade as the truckers are demanding release of the truck driver who has been arrested after the drugs were recovered from his truck.

Pertinently, the custodian cross LoC trade issued a circular to all traders in Jammu and Kashmir directing them not to enter into any export or import business with the 34 blacklisted companies,they said.

 The ban has followed joint efforts by authorities of Jammu and Kashmir and PaK to weed out any illegal activity on cross LoC trade routes, the officials said.


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