Muslims perform last rites of Hindu woman 


On Sunday Hundreds of Muslims gathered at the house Gori Bhabi, a 90 year Hindu woman who passed away in Pranbhawan Mattan in South Kashmirs Anantnag district.

The Muslims gathered to condole the demise of Gori Bhabi who passed away on Sunday Morning, witnesses said.

Hundreds of Muslims gathered to perform the last rites of the Hindu woman and helped the Hindu Family in the cremation of the dead body.

“We have been living together since centuries, This is Kashmiriyat, a message for the entire world, how communities can co exist peacefully” said a local Muslim, Sadam Ahmad.

“Majority of people present in the last rituals were Muslims. We performed his last rites. We condemn incidents which try to create differences between Hindus and Muslims. We live here in peace and harmony,” Mashooq Ahmad , Gori’s neighbour, said.

Krishan lal, relative of the deceased said that the villagers live in peace and harmony without any communal tension from time immemorial and Muslims always help us in our odd times.

He added that we are taking part in each other’s festivals as well. Religion has never stopped us to live together.


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