Hurriyat custodian of rights, sacrifices of Kashmiris: Rasheed

Awami Itehad Party (AIP) President and MLA Langate Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Sunday reacted over the statement made by Prime Minister Narinder Modi over dialogue and said that the statement doesn’t carry any substance unless words are transformed into action. He said that Hurriyat is the custodian of rights and sacrifices of Kashmiris.

According to the statement issued here, AIP President while addressing a gathering at Kupwara today said, “Action speaks always louder than words and Modi has very often given sermons over issues after it is too late. His response to cow vigilantes and other radical elements in India has been too late and too small. He has never spoken a direct word on having a meaningful dialogue to resolve long pending dispute of J&K.”

“Modi’s claim that India believes in Tarka Shastra (Debate) has become irrelevant in current scenario for the reason that New Delhi has crushed all the saner voices not only in Kashmir but all across India,” he said, adding that the way he has used various agencies against his political opponents everywhere, has become black chapter of India’s history.

“Let Modi not mislead anyone by talking about Tarka Shastra, as the tradition of debate and discussion he has talked about has been replaced by Chanakya theory of dealing with big issues. New Delhi has used dialogue to prolong the issues and get those tired who expect justice through the institution of dialogue, thus eroding the credibility of institution of dialogue itself,” he said.

Er Rasheed asked PM not to hide behind words and come forward to resolve the political dispute of J&K by giving Kashmiris right to self determination and must also resolve other burning issues including Babri Masjid dispute if he means business.

He appealed people not to give any heed to deformation campaign against Hurriyat by New Delhi and added that Hurriyat is the custodian of rights and sacrifices of Kashmiris.

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