Resolution in Punjab assembly seeks PaK PM’s resignation

Pakistan administered Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider on Monday stirred a controversy when he stated that, as a Kashmiri he needs to think on what country he will stay with.

Pertinently, Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly yesterday introduced a resolution against Haider, demanding his resignation for making anti-Pakistan remarks.

“We — the people of Kashmir (PoK) — have to think now to which country we should make annexation to,” Haider had said on disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Panama Papers case last week.

His statement sparked widespread criticism from several political parties.

The resolution, introduced by the Pakistan Peoples’ Party legislator Khurram Wattoo, said the statement of Haider has hurt the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and PoK.

Commenting on the statement by the PaK PM, Pakisatn Tehrek Insaaf (PTI) Prime Ministerial candidate Sheikh Rashid said that his party will drag out the PM out of their house and beat them with the shoes.

“We will drag you out of your house, and slap you with shoes if you talk like this on Kashmir,” Rashid said during a public meeting in Islamabad.

“The statement of PaK PM is a treason, Every day he spends as PM undermines the Kashmir cause,” Aitaraz Hassan of Pakistan Peoples Party said.

Clarifying his statement, Haider later said: “My statement was distorted as I did not mean to say that I would consider annexation to any other country.” 


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