Abu Dujana’s separation a setback:  Syed Sallaudin

United Jihad Ciuncil Chief Syed Sallaudin today paid tributes to militant commander Abu Dujana and Arif Lelhari killed in gunfight in south Kashmir on Tuesday.

He said that their separation is “really painful and unbearable adding that these sacrifices will become the foundation of the Kashmir Freedom Struggle.”

In a statement issued to a local news agency, the outfit Chief Syed Salahuddin while addressing a meeting said that Abu Dujana was a force to reckon with. “Being a military expert he was popular among militants.

 “His separation is a setback but history is testimony to this fact that each drop of blood of a martyr has produced thousands of militants,” Salahuddin said.

He said that Indian dogmatic approach vis-à-vis Kashmir has made it clear that armed struggle is the only solution to Kashmir issue.

“Freedom loving people back the militants who are fighting for a just cause. However, there are some black sheep who aid and assist the enemy.”

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