Minister attends 125th Urs at Darbar –e-Aalia Younusia


Minister for Animal, Sheep and Fisheries, Abdul Gani Kohli today attended the 125th Urs-e-Mubarak at Durbar –e-Aalia Younusia at Awoora Kupwara and prayed for peace and prosperity in the state.

The Minister also reviewed the arrangements put in place by the district administration for the visiting pilgrims. The Minister was informed that all necessary arrangements have been put in place for the visitors.

While interacting with the visitors, the Minister said that the land of Kashmir is known as the land of Sufis and saints who throughout their lives have preached love, peace and humanity. He said the best tribute to these saints should be if we follow their teachings of love and peace. He said that the unity, solidarity, communal amity and equitable development of all regions and sub-regions of the state is the main agenda of this coalition government, which represents the aspirations of all sections of the society.

He said that the pro – people policies of the govt have helped to win the faith of the masses and the present government is doing a great job in heralding peace, prosperity and development in the state. “The polices and agenda of the government has been well recognized by the people from every region and religion”, he said.

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