CAPD flouts transfer norms, overlooks ‘influential’ employees

The department of consumer affairs and public distribution ( CAPD) Kashmir has flouted recent transfer orders in favour of some influential employees working in the office of assistant director food supplies and public distribution Pulwama.

Insiders said that around nine assistant store keepers, who are overstaying at their present places of posting, continue to enjoy favours from higher authorities who overlook their transfer orders.

Notably, the CAPD had issued transfer and posting orders for around 120 employees including storekeepers and assistant storekeepers of Pulwama district on 17 June of 2017.

Sources within the department said that they were surprised to find the names of around nine to ten influential employees who are overstaying employees ‘missing’ from the list of those who were transferred.

“The employees have been overstaying at the present place of posting for more than 20 years,” insiders said.

The insiders identified the overstaying employees as, Abdul Rashid, assistant store keeper, who as per sources has been working at Assistant Director Pulwama’s office for 25 years and Assistant Store keeper,  Sajad Ahmad Andrabi, who has been holding charge of section officer, paper section and kerosene supply, who as per sources is working in the said office for 15 years.

The others include Abdul Rashid Khan, Shakeel Ahmad Qazi, Ghulam Mohammad and Abdul Hamid, who sources said are being rotated from hall to Pulwama and vice versa while Ghulam Hassan Parray is being rotated between Prichoo and Koil. Similarly, Taj Mosa and Abdul Gani have been overlooked in the transfer order.

The sources said that such discriminatory transfers breed corruption in the department.

Meanwhile, Assistant Director, CAPD Pulwama, Riyaz Ahmad Malik feigned ignorance about the issue of overstaying employees.

“I have taken the charge recently and I don’t know who is overstaying,” he said, adding that he would look into the matter.

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