Hold dialogue with separatists, Soz urges centre

Former Union Minister, Prof. Saifuddin Soz has said that Government of India has decided to consult the National Opposition about the border situation with China. He said that the move is really a democratic way of building a consensus on a problem related to an external situation.

“An internal situation that is Kashmir problem with an external dimension deserves more attention or, at least, similar attention,” Soz said in a statement issued here.

“One wonders why the Government of India doesn’t convene a meeting with the National Opposition urgently before organizing a decisive response to Kashmir unrest,” he said.

“Home Minister’s recent response to Kashmir’s spontaneous expression of its ethos of Kashmiriyat by condemning out rightly the crime committed by certain marauders against the Amarnath Yatris, was a realization of the fact of life in Kashmir,” Soz said.

The Government of India would be well advised to initiate a dialogue process in Kashmir with all the stakeholders including the separatists, he said.

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