Locals help Amarnath Yatris, offers food, shelter



Kashmiris Wednesday yet again set an example of Kashmiri ethos by providing help and food to the Amarnath yatris at Awantipora whose bus suddenly halted on the national highway due to some mechanical snag.

 A bus carrying Amarnath Yatris started its journey from Jammu to Baltal and at around 7 pm the bus driver suddenly stopped the bus. After few minutes, the conductor informed the passengers that the bus broke down and may need some urgent repairs without which the bus cannot move.

 In the same area, on Monday evening this week, bus carrying Amarnath Yatris was attacked by unknown gunmen, killing 7 and injuring 19 others. Interestingly, the bus came to a screeching halt only three kilometres away from the said spot, thus, adding to the fear.   

 The memories of Monday incident were still fresh in their minds, with the result panic gripped passengers. The fear grew even stronger as it was all dark outside.

 The driver was still trying to devise ways to repair the faults, when suddenly a group of locals appeared out of nowhere and offered their help to the stranded yatris.

 Anil Sharma, a pilgrim hailing from Aurangabad who was also in the bus told Kashmir Vision that, “When we were in the state of helplessness, locals whole heartedly came for our help.”

 “When we saw a group of people is moving towards us (bus), panic overpowered us. However, when they reached nearer, they (locals) politely asked our driver ‘Bhai saab kya baat, sab thik hai, hmre liye koi hukam hai (Brother what is the matter, everything thing ok? Can we help you in anyway?),” Anil said. 

 Another yatri, Pooja Raina, hailing from Kanpur while praising the work of locals said Kashmiris are loving and helpful people.

 “I got puzzled to see the way local people were offering us help and food. Also, they offered us to spend the night at their homes without any fear,” she said, adding that the scene was unforgettable for her.

 “I appeal people to visit Kashmir without any fear, you will never find the love and respect Kashmiris have to offer,” she added.

 The bus was carrying 50 passengers, including 15 females and 35 males, belonging to Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.  

 Later, Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel also reached to the spot and shifted the passengers to the nearby Police station where they spend the rest of the night.

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