People facing mass alienation, says Sagar

Former Minister and National Conference leader, Ali Muhammad Sagar, Wednesday said that the people of Kashmir are facing mass alienation due to the draconian polices of the PDP-BJP government.

Speaking during the discussion on goods and services tax (GST) in the legislative assembly today, Sagar said that the current conditions in Kashmir are not only because of militancy or Pakistan but due to the “mass alienation of people in the state.”

Sagar was speaking over the resolution which was tabled on Tuesday by Finance Minister, Haseeb Drabu, to extend the GST to the state.

 “You cannot blame Pakistan or militancy for the mayhem in the state, there is mass alienation of the people of Kashmir and that is the main reason,” he said, adding that “are we really addressing that alienation ?”

 Stating that Kashmir cannot be ruled through military might, Sagar said that “anyone who advocates intervening militarily and resolving Kashmir is grossly wrong, Kashmir cannot be ruled through military might.”

 Criticizing the PDP over not keeping its promise of ‘goli se nahe, boli se baat chalegi,’ Sagar said that “these days only the guns are roaring and there is no dialogue.” 

Lashing out at government for continuous curbs in downtown Srinagar he said that “there are continuous curbs and restriction in downtown. Are we talking about that ?.”

Urging members of the assembly to raise important issues in the house,  he said that “people are being killed every day, and nobody is saying anything, we should ask ourselves are we really the representatives of people.’’

Stating that to have expectation from the government of India is like deceiving oneself,  Sagar said that Delhi has never kept its promises.

“Can anybody in the house vouch that Delhi has ever kept promises,” he said. He further added that the GST law was not only about law but “ about emotions and betrayal of promises.’’

Sagar said that the present situation is such that “people hardly believe in us.’’

 Expressing his apprehension about the GST that it will be the first step towards the erosion of state’s special status, Sagar said that “we are going to betray people by this, and are we going to do any good to our people by implementing GST.”

 “Kashmir has acceded to India under special provision, and when India achieved freedom, Kashmir was free,” Sagar said, adding that we are “not against GST but it should not compromise the special status of the state.’’

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