Noisy scenes dominate LA as GST implementation was discussed 

Noisy scenes continued to prevail in the legislative assembly (LA) on Wednesday over the implementation of the GST as the Opposition members took pot shots on government for rushing through with its implementation.

Both former Ministers, Mohamamd Shafi Uri, and Ali Mohammad Sagar, continued to slam government over the implementation of the GST stating that this will erode the special status of the constitution.

During the discussion on GST also heated exchange was witnessed between BJP leader and Forest Minister, Lal Singh, and independent MLA from Langate, Er Rasheed,  as Rasheed described Maharaja Hari Singh as a traitor.

Enraged over these remarks Lal Singh hit back at Rashid and termed him “bloody nonsense.’’

While speaking on GST, BJP stat president, Sat Sharma, hailed Mahraja Hari Singh for acceding with the Indian Union. However, Er Rashid intervened in the matter stating that he has “ subjugated the people of Kashmir.’’ “Maharaja did a great service to keep the state united with the Union government,” said Satpal Sharma.

Infuriated with this, Rasheed said that Maharaja  was an ‘autocrat’. “Hari Singh was a traitor, a despotic ruler,” Rasheed interrupted. He said that either Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was a hero of the people of Jammu and Kashmir or Hari Singh. “There cannot be two heroes,” he said while slamming the BJP for its “double speak,’’ and accused them of missing the martyrs day function which is “commemorated in favour’’ of those who were killed by the forces of Maharaja.

Forest Minister Lal Singh interrupted and asked Speaker to expunge the remarks of Rasheed and hurled abuses at him. Singh also demanded that Rasheed shall be marshaled out from the house.

 Earlier speaking over the GST in the Assembly, PDP legislator Javed Beigh said that if consensus is not reached on the GST a crises may emerge in the state. He also slammed NC for eroding the autonomy of the state under the Indra-Shiekh accord and extending the presidential orders to the state.

 Beigh also said that that when members talk about India, they should maintain respect. “If you make GST Jammu versus Srinagar versus Ladkah, then we are heading towards a split,” Beigh said.

He maintained that Article 370 cannot be eroded in any way and the PDP was committed towards safeguarding this constitutional provision. Beg said that the protection of the special status was enshrined in the Agenda of Alliance of the government.

As soon as he said this, independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid interrupted and asked him to address the BJP members. However, Beigh continued with his speech and GST would be implemented in the state in a manner “ which doesn’t dent the special status of the state.”


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