GST blow to Indian federation: Tarigami

CPI (M) leader Muhammed Yousuf Tarigami Wednesday termed Goods and Services Tax (GST) as ‘farce’ and a big blow to the Indian “polity and federation.’’

Tarigami was participating in the discussion on the GST in the legislative assembly today.

 Stating that the law was not suitable for the state given the special status guaranteed by the constitution, Tarigmai said, “ all of us should come together and find a solution that will be people friendly.’’

Stressing that state of Jammu and Kashmir was in deep crisis, Tarigami said that “the state is in the crisis and the entire nation is concerned about it.”

 “The present situation is not because of any outside element, it is actually because a sense of estrangement that has engulfed the state,” he said. He asked that what are we “going to do to reduce the sense of detachment.’’

During his address Tarigami expressed apprehension that Kashmiri “artisans are getting affected due to GST and said that Zaldagar agitation was also sparked when the then administration levied so much of taxes that they were not able to feed themselves.’’  “What was the reason that artisans started agitation, it was about taxes,” he said.

Making it clear that the state will not beg to centre for anything, Tarigami said that “we have been dragged to the level where we have to beg, but we will not, rather, we will demands our rights guaranteed by the constitution of India.”

Tarigami said that “why can’t we have our own law that will be parallel to the GST, where there is no threat to the special status of the state.’’

“Let there be a modified form of GST,” he said, adding that “constitution has given us that flexibility. ’’


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