No dialogue with India if it excludes Kashmir: Pakistan

Pakistan’s PM Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz today said Pakistan will not enter into any dialogue with India that excludes Kashmir.

While briefing a 20-member delegation of ‘Kashmir Journalist Forum’ from PaK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aziz said, “Indian belligerent posturing and their desire to conduct dialogue on their own terms i.e. without Kashmir, will never be acceptable”.

He said UN chief Antonio Guterres has expressed his concern over tension between India and Pakistan, called for a dialogue and offered to play role to help resolve Kashmir issue.

‘‘India’s refusal to accept the role of the UN or good offices of the other leaders for reducing tension between India and Pakistan by resolving the Kashmir issue reflects “Indian desperation to hide its crimes against humanity” in the valley’’ he added.

He asked the UN, OIC and Human Rights Organisations to step up efforts to stop the “bloodshed of Kashmiris” and ensure early implementation of UNSC Resolutions.

Aziz said that protest in Kashmir has now entered a “critical phase” and the “Indian propaganda of down-playing” the Kashmir issue is also being defeated.






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