GST will in no manner compromise the state’s Special Status.: Law Minister

Minister for Law Abdul Haq today emphatically made it clear that the implementation of GST in JK would in no manner compromise the state’s Special Status. He said by discussing GST in the assembly, the Government is reiterating the supremacy of the State legislature.

Elaborating over the issue, Abdul Haq said under Section-5 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir the State is free to levy any additional tax or new taxes.

He said it is ironic that the political parties that are today crying hoarse over the implementation of GST in J&K, facilitated extension of 46 Constitutional amendments of the Constitution of India to the State.

“Not a single time the State Legislature was taken into confidence. This is first time when the State Government for the sake of transparency and ensuring supremacy of our own Legislature decided to deliberate in the State Legislature regarding the form in which the GST would be introduced in the State,” he added.

Referring to the criticism that the State would be losing power of determining rate of tax or altering rate of tax, Abdul  Haq said that “if anybody’s power gets affected in GST, it is the Centre which has lost the power of determining, altering the tax rate of CST, Central Excise Tax or Service tax to the GST Council. GST Council has 2/3rd majority of the States and without the consent and approval of the States, Centre cannot move an inch in this area”.

Referring to the 16th GST Council meeting held on 11th June, 2017 Abdul Haq asserted that the GST Council altered the rate of proposed GST tax on 66 items and all of them were approved on the proposals moved by different States.

Citing the tremendous economic benefit that the general masses of the State will gain from GST, Abdul Haq appealed all sections of the society not to fall prey to the mischievous propaganda launched by those people who do not like to see economic prosperity coming to the state.


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