Rabid dogs maul 17 in City outskirts


Rabid dogs were on prowl on Thursday in city outskirts and attacked almost 17 people resulting in grave injuries. Dogs hit to the streets at around in the afternoon and attacked every passerby.

The incident occurred in Shah-e-Hamadan Lane, Umarabad at around 2:30 in the afternoon when dogs attacked kids and elders injuring all of them.

While talking to Kashmir Vision those accompanying the injured said that dogs are on prowl in that area, “there are numerous dogs that are roaming the area and making it difficult for the residents to move around,” they said.

According to locals they were expecting this incident to happen, as some days ago around 20-30 dogs were dropped in the area.

Officials at SMHS’s Anti Rabies wing said that they received at around 15-17 cases of dog mauling, in which one person was critically injured in his face.

Those attacked by dogs were injured mostly in face and arms, with some injured in eyes, however, as per the officials no one except one has been gravely injured. After treatment and required vaccination the injured were discharged from the hospital.

When this report was filed SMHS’s Anti Rabies wing was still receiving dog mauling cases from the same area.

Farooq Ahmad, a local said that “the authorities are not paying any heed to our grievances, and it is because of their callous behaviour that has resulted in this mayhem.”

When this reporter contacted Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Commissioner, Shafqat Khan said that “we have dispatched a special squad to the spot. The team will  catch hold of the rabid dogs in the area.”

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