RSS leader urged Muslims to give up meat during Ramadan, triggers protest

RSS leader Indresh Kumar has urged Muslims to give up ‘ghost’ saying, it was a disease, media reports said.

Speaking at an event in, Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi RSS leader said that, “Prophet and his family never consumed meat. They used to say meat is a disease and milk is a cure”.

Reportedly the students at the university protested for inviting Kumar for an Iftar party organised by RSS- affiliated Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM).

Reports stated that Kumar also said the MRM made two other primary appeals to the Muslims of India saying, during Ramzan, they should plant trees in their localities and should keep Tulsi plant in their homes, because it’s called Rehan (Jannat ki Jhaad) in Arabia.

Meanwhile, some students had written a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor Talat Ahmad against the visit.

However, university officials said that the Bhopal Ground, where the Iftar party was organised, was rented out to Muslim Rashtriya Manch and the institution had no involvement in its affairs.

“The ground was rented out to MRM. And there was no involvement of students neither on MRM side nor among the protesters. All of them were locals,” said an official from the varsity.


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