Kashmir crisis represents ‘colossal failure’ of BJP led Govt: Sonia

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said the growing crisis in Jammu and Kashmir has come to represent the colossal failure of the NDA Government, media reports said.

“The crisis in Jammu & Kashmir has come to represent the colossal failure of this government. We are facing a rise in cross-border terrorism,” said Sonia after a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) in New Delhi at her residence.


According to the reports, Congress president lambasted the insensitive handling of the situation in the Valley by both the State and the Central governments. She said that centre as well as state government are systematically alienating and antagonizing the local population especially the youth.

“A divisive agenda is being followed which has undone years of goodwill and progress. A large number of jawans and civilians have lost their lives or have been injured,” she said.

She further advised the ruling governments to addresses the growing crisis situation in the Valley and to correct its flawed approach to restore normalcy in order to regain the trust of the people.

“I have asked a small group of colleagues under the chairmanship of Dr. Manmohan Singh to keep abreast of the situation there,” she added.

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