Unemployment rate in JK swells, qualified youth in lurch


Though dealing with unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir remained the war cry of every political party during the elections, educated youth of the state have been put in a tight spot by successive regimes as the unemployment rate continued to swell particularly from the past four years.

After contacting the government employment exchanges, the officials informed Kashmir Vision that over 2 lakh educated but unemployed youth have registered themselves with the exchange in the past four years.

The officials informed that at least six lakh unemployed youth have registered themselves in various district employment exchanges from the past six years.  The  unemployment rate  may be higher as the registration with the Employment Department is a voluntary process and not mandatory.

According to officials the total number of registered job seekers in the year 2013 were 2,77,000. However, in 2014 the mounting number of unemployed youth in the Valley registered themselves with the exchange.

Notably, the latest economic survey has revealed that unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir is higher than average national unemployment rate. The state has 24.6 per cent population in the age bracket of 18-29 years, which is unemployed and is far more than the all India unemployment rate of 13.2 per cent.

The state is facing the brunt of turmoil resulting in negligible investments. Businesses are marred by uncertainties. The unemployment rate indicates the problems which educated youth in Kashmir go through.  “In Jammu and Kashmir, unemployment rate is 24.6 per cent that has been arrived at by using the Usual Principal Status (UPS) approach,” states the Economic Survey Report 2016.

The report adds that the unemployment rate in the age group of 18-29 years is highest among females i.e about 45.1 per cent. While as among male in the same age group the unemployment rate is 17.8 per cent.

The students, who have registered themselves in the unemployment exchange have completed PG degrees in various science streams, including biotechnology, botany, physics etc. The data reveals that Valley has 3,567 arts post graduates, who are unemployed. The unemployed lot has degrees in English, Urdu, Political Science etc.

The figures reveal that in the Valley there are more than 29,034 graduates, who are unemployed and in Jammu the number of jobless graduates are 12,426. Kashmir has 46,703 people jobless, who have passed 10 2 in various streams while in Jammu the number is 27,212.

The report further states, “There are more than 4500 engineering degree holders and 8500 diploma, who are jobless in the state. About 5500 unemployed ITI trained youth are also jobless in the state.”

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