Restrictions in place to prevent Tral march

Authorities today imposed strict restrictions by sealing off all the roads leading to Tral to foil the proposed separatist ‘Tral chalo’ march.

The separatists had on Sunday given a call to march towards the native village of Sabzar Bhat who was killed in a gunfight with government forces on Saturday.

All roads leading to Tral were sealed with concertina wires and armoured vehicles were stationed at major check points to prevent or discourage the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

The joint resistance leadership had called for a march to Tral to pay tributes and offer fateha to Sabzar and his associate Faizan Muzaffar in the Saturday’s gunbattle in Saimoh village.

A complete shutdown is being observed across the district with all the shops and other business establishments closed.

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