PDP-BJP Govt breeding anarchy, repressing people: Nasir

National Conference on Sunday called PDP BJP regime a harbinger of repression and fear and accused them of abusing government sponsored development and poverty alleviation schemes throughout the state.

In a statement issued to KNS, Provincial President JKNC Nasir Aslam Wani accused Minister for Rural Development Abdul Haq Khan of gross violations in dispensing government contracts, MGNREGA work and other such schemes in the valley particularly in Kupwara district.

He said that a clear evidence of the misuse of these schemes are numerous instances in which select close aides of PDP minister have benefited and those who deserved have been ignored and dumped in Sogam Lolab.

“Govt is doling out contract after contract to a select few comprising of his political aides and relatives. There is a general saying in the area that the present times are reminiscent of the times of infamous Tikka Khan. Such are the horrors Haq Khan is subjecting those who voted him to power,” Nasir said.

While accusing Haq Khan of using police to settle his own political and personal scores, Nasir said, “A reign of terror has been unleashed in Sogam and other surrounding areas where innocents are being rounded by police and slapped with draconian PSA under direct instructions from the Minister concerned. And all this is being done to silence those who have raised questions on the working of government in the area.”

The statement further says that people’s frustration and angst has reached crescendo all over the valley. “The minister is well aware of it and saw repression, violence and plunder as the only way to rule while it lasts.”  

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