PDP-BJP govt’s Agenda of Alliance is a hoax: Mir

Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president and former agriculture minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir, on Tuesday, said that ‘Agenda of Alliance’ of the PDP-BJP coalition government has proved to be a hoax.

“The much-hyped Agenda of Alliance (AoA) between the two coalition partners has proven hoax on the ground as the government has so far failed to implement it virtually,” Mir said while addressing a gathering at Khairpora.

Mir said the key issues of AoA that includes dialogue process and the development of the state are yet to be fulfilled.

“The government has so far failed to initiate dialogue process to resolve the Kashmir issue and there seems to be no initiative from the government. Also no developmental work can be seen.”

“The youth in the Valley were promised amnesty by the government but, unfortunately more youth were booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA). Creation of jobs is also a distant dream as several youths in the Valley continue to be jobless.”

Mir said that dilapidated roads in Harnav Kavchak to Keetran are giving tough times to the commuters as the government has failed to macadamize the roads in the area. “The government must macadamize the roads in the area to put an end to the sufferings of people, especially commuters,” he added.

DPN president also said that the embankments of Nalla flowing through the area should be strengthened to ensure the safety of the people.

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