Gilkar condemns use of force against girl students

Chief Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Mahaz-e-Aazadi, Muhammad Yousuf Gilkar Tuesday condemned the use of ‘brute force’ by the government forces on the protesting girl students in Srinagar.

In a statement issued here, Gilkar termed the incident as ‘inhuman as well as undemocratic’.

“A girl was kicked continuously in her stomach. She fell unconscious but government forces continued their assault. Isn’t it shameful? “Gilkar questioned.

Saying that students were peacefully protesting against the atrocities committed by the force, Gilkar said, “Students were demanding the release of their fellow students but the government action crossed all the norms of civilized society.”

“The Jammu and Kashmir government is hell bent to convert the region into police state,” Gilkar said, adding that “any amount of brutality committed by Indian government can’t make the people to cow-down from their struggle for freedom.”

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