Pollens posing severe health risks for people

With spring season at its zenith, the pollens from the Poplar trees is once turning into a major health hazard as people across the Valley have been braving allergies and other related health concerns.

Pertinently, the poplar trees shed cotton-like material that causes allergy and various respiratory disorders. This cotton like material is irritating and has become a nuisance for the people.

“I have got the pollen allergy and I am sneezing continuously from past many days. This has hampered my work schedule as well,” Zubair Ahmad, a local resident said.

The pollen seeds of Poplars of Russian species adversely affect the health of general public, mostly elderly people and children. Doctors say that the pollens have given rise to the chest diseases in the valley.

“The common symptoms of pollen allergy include nasal irritation, running nose and sneezing, red and watery eyes, rashes on skin. This can further intensify if proper medical advice is not sought by the affected persons,” said Dr. Hameed Khan. 

In 2015, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court banned plantation and trade of pollen-producing exotic varieties of poplar trees across Kashmir. The court issued two consecutive orders that year for removal of these trees across the valley.

Subsequently, the divisional administration issued orders for cutting down these trees. Though, thousands of poplar trees have been cut in the city but still poplar trees are present in and around the city which are giving tough time to the people.

Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Farooq Ahmad Lone said that we have given orders to the concerned Tehsildars for the removal of trees and they will accordingly take action on this issue.

“Although most of the trees were uprooted, the concerned Tehsildars are directed to take measures for the removal of left trees,” Farooq Ahmad Lone said

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