IKMT Stages Protest Rally against Government in Kargil


Imam Khomeini memorial Trust (IKMT) today organized a protest rally against the government for not fulfilling the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s during his visit to the hilly town of Kargil.

The protesters were demanding for the early execution of work on Zojilla Tunnel , Air connectivity to the town and transparent digital connectivity.

According to the reports, the protesters marched through main market Kargil and culminated at Laal chowk.

Speaking at the gathering in Laal chowk, Vice chairman of the Trust, Maulana Abass Karrai questioned Prime Minister’s promise about development work in Kargil.

“In a wake of continuous deprivation and discrimination we the people of Kargil are losing faith in democracy and government should not compel us to rethink about our loyalty”.   Karrai said.

Karrai further said the people of Kargil has “track record” towards serving the nation since 1948 but the government is continuously ignoring our demands and we are being discriminated every time. 

“We have no women’s college, no connectivity to the outer world since last six months” he added.

Maulana Karrari said, “ when we speak about opening Kargil-Skardu road or Turtuk –Khapulu road then the government agencies says that there might be a security problem, but I would say Kargil is secure not because of you but because of people of Kargil”. 

“IKMT will announce Calendar of protest soon if our demands are not being addressed ”. He added. 

Chairman IKMT, Shiekh  Mohammad Hussain Lutfi while speaking to the gathering said that the people of Kargil were always being discriminated while there would be an issue of connectivity, education of recruitment in Army.

He said, “The government should not repeatedly treat us like non- Indians otherwise we would be compelled to think towards our loyalty and affiliation”.

Appreciating the people in the protest Lutfi said,  “In Islam, there is no space to support and tolerate any kind of oppression”.


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