Broken, dilapidated roads irks Kupwara residents

Castigating the state government’s apathy over the lack of better connectivity in the district, locals of Kupwara district were up in arms against the administration for ‘failing to take any steps’.

The roads of Kupwara were in shambles and many times accidents were reported. Muddles and dilapidated roads had become nuisance for the commuters.

“All roads are in dilapidated condition. Huge potholes on the stretch give tough time to the commuters, while bumpy ride on this road leads to bad driving experience,” the local commuters said.

Locals alleged that the district administration had an improper approach towards the area, which according to them had resulted in non-development of the area. “Due to bad condition of roads and lack of proper drainage system, the commuters are facing problems,” they added.

This problem worsened during rains. They said roads like Kupwara-Kalarooch, Chokibal-Tangdar Road, Lolab, Kupwara-Halmatpora, Kupwara-Nagri, Muqaam Shawali, Kupwara-Trehgam, Kupwara-Srinagar Highway,

Kulangam- Handwara and other link roads in main town Kupwara were in bad condition and the administration was not paying any attention to it.

Lecturer Nehidah Jaan said, “The roads are so badly damaged that due to rains, no one can walk on them as there are long patches of mud.”

Misbah Mir, a college student from Trehgam said, “We face lot of problems while going to college because of bad condition of roads. We usually reach late to the college. A distance of half an hour takes us more than one and half an hour.”

Civil Society Convenor, Showket Masoodi said, “The dilapidated condition of the roads is also one of the major reasons which leads to frequent traffic jams. The politicians too are not bothered about the sufferings of the people.”

He added that yesterday when Chief Secretary of the state, B.B. Vyas, visited Kupwara the authorities had filled the potholes.” However, when a patient is shifted from Kupwara to Srinagar they face hardships due to the bad conditions. We don’t understand why nobody is bothered about the pathetic condition of the road. Half year has passed and R&B Department is playing hide and seek and have not done anything about this problem.”

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