China cooks up CPEC as remedy for Kashmir issue

Chinese state run news outlet Global Times reported on Sunday that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will pave a way for resolution of Kashmir dispute.

“Given the massive investment that China has made in countries along the One Belt, One Road, China now has a vested interest in helping resolve regional conflicts including the dispute over Kashmir between India and Pakistan,” the report said.

China is a top regional player with huge economic influence over South Asia.

However the report said for China mediating between India and Pakistan over Kashmir will be ‘One of the toughest challenges”.

“…while China has the capability to resolve conflicts through mediation given its increased economic influence, the nation needs to be very prudent in dealing with other big powers, India included, in the region.

The report also talked about China’s success in helping Bangladesh and Myanmar in resolving the Rohingya issue, which is perhaps the reason that makes analysts conclude that China can act as a mediator in resolving the issues in South Asia

“With China’s rise, Beijing gradually has gained ability to mediate in conflicts outside the country. For instance, China could strengthen the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar,” the report said.

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