LoC traders accuse trade body of creating hurdles

Some traders engaged in LoC trade from different parts of Kashmir Saturday alleged that their trucks are not being allowed to cross the LoC alternately. They said that the trucks of only those traders are being allowed to cross the border alternately who are the part of the traders Union or are wielding some influence.

“There is a Union ‘Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union. The members of this Union only give benefits to selected traders and allow them to cross LoC  either regularly or alternately, while others are given a single time opportunity in 21 days as a result traders suffer loses. Traders like us who deal in perishable items frequently incur losses as we are not allowed to take our goods to Pakistan administered Kashmir regularly or alternately,” a delegation of traders told a local news gathering agency.

They said that over 35 trucks loaded with different items from Salamabad Uri cross the border for Chakoti, but most of those loaded trucks belong to the Union members.

President, Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union, Hilal Ahmed Turkey said that there is mutual understanding between truckers and traders while the Union has no role in it.

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