Employees complain of delayed  release of salaries

The permanent employees of the Department of Family Welfare have complained that they have not received salaries for the last 12 months, causing immense hardships to them.
“From last 12 months we haven’t received our salary. We are not daily wagers or need based workers, we are permanent employees. Many times we go to authorities and they said they have no budget,” said Nilogar Jan, an employee.
      Nilofar said, the situation has led to immense hardships for the employee and their families. She said that many employees have been forced to turn defaults on bank loans
    “Due to this we are not able to deposit monthly installments of our loans which we have borrowed from banks and we have to pay compound interest for our loans. Because of this our guarantors are also suffering because they are also not able to withdraw their salaries as well,” she said.
     Another employee Humaira Jan added, “We are not able to pay school fee of our children. We are not able to understand why they don’t release our salary.”
      Another employee said that she had pending salary for nine months while others had more.  “Some have 15 months pending, some have 12 and some have 9 months,” she said adding, “I am a widow and have only this source of livelihood. From last nine months I haven’t received salary due to which my family is suffering. Director, Family Welfare Baldev Sharma said the salaries were pending because of fund shortage.
“I agree they have pending salary but not for continuous nine months. They are given salary quarterly, but we have released salary of two months (every quarter) and one month salary remains pending which together forms salary of nine months.”
“Basically it is a centre sponsored and Government of India provides funds for that. We hope next month we receive funds and we will release (the salaries),” he said. 

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