Urgent action needed to address volatile situation in Kashmir: NC

National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Friday expressed grave concern over volatile situation in Kashmir and said that there is an urgent need for immediate action. He cautioned that Jammu too is simmering with anger because of bad governance and indifference of the present dispensation.
“If Kashmir is burning, Jammu too is on edge”, Devender Singh Rana said while interacting with people, after laying foundation stone of a community hall at Jandrah.
He cautioned against delay in addressing the issues confronting to all the three regions of the state, which may not only be political in nature but also economic and emotive in character.
The sense of alienation and deprivation being felt in Jammu Province also needs to be understood and addressed, he said, adding that redressal should not however be the BJP version of exploitative politics. “It has to be real and as per urges and the aspirations of the people”, he said
Referring to the 2014 mandate, the Provincial President said that despite putting 25 assembly seats into the kitty of BJP, Jammu suffers. He attributed this sense of deprivation to the exploitative and opportunistic politics of the BJP and its local leaders. He recalled the role of BJP in opposition and said that instead of seeking better way of life for them, they were misused as vote bank. “And once sitting on the driver’s seat in government, the very existence of these people has been undermined”, he added.
“The people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh should be empowered as a matter of right and not as charity”, he said while recalling the inclusive character of the state which can legitimately take pride on its inclusiveness and glorious pluralistic ethos. He said Jammu, being abode of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, has always shown the spirit of assimilation and accommodation and is a shinning example of pluralistic character.
“When Kashmir was in real bad shape over two and half decades ago, Jammu opened up its arms for people in distress, irrespective of caste, creed, colour of religion”, Mr Rana said adding that the spirit of unity in diversity is its great strength. He said divisive politics notwithstanding, Jammu has never played into the hands of polarizing agents though they might have given them a chance to prove their credentials. “After failing them by betraying their mandate, the people are feeling let down and this sense of denial is simmering in the form of anger, which is also needed to be addressed”, he added.
Rana said Jammu is immediate beneficiary of peace in Kashmir, as happenings in the valley impact the situation in this region. “Therefore, there is greater need for addressing the political problems of the state, which will eventually lead to emotional and economic integration of the state”, he maintained.
He also lambasted the BJP leadership for delaying the activation of the Jandrah Tehsil office, sanctioned by the Omar Abdullah government.

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