JKLF’s poll boycott campaign reaches central Kashmir

SRINAGAR: As part of its ongoing election boycott campaign, leaders and activists of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Monday visited various areas and government institutions in central Kashmir.
In a statement JKLF spokesperson said that it leaders and activists visited “High Court complex Srinagar, Sadder Court Complex, Budgam court, Government Medical College Srinagar and SMHS hospital, Hari Singh High Street, Sarai Bala and Gonikhan Bazaar etc and apprised people about the importance of election boycott.”
“The leaders also distributed written material about the elections and met people individually and collectively,” it added.
“JKLF leaders asked people to keep vigil and understand the ill consequences of the elections held under Indian constitution,” the statement said, adding “Leaders told people that these elections are harmful for Jammu Kashmir and against their interests.”
“While speaking to the people JKLF leaders said participation of people in these elections on any name or pretext cannot be termed but as enmity with Kashmir and Kashmiris because the main aim and objective of elections organized by India and held under Indian constitution is to prolong the slavery of Kashmiris, to legislate new tyrannical and oppressive laws against people of Jammu and Kashmir and to subject Kashmiris to torture and repression,” the statement added.

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