Jama’at condemns killing of youth in Sumbal

SRINAGAR: Stating that “forces in Kashmir have free license to kill,” Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir Friday “vehemently condemned the unbridled use of force by unruly security forces personnel at Naidkhai Sumbal upon peaceful protesters” in which a youth Farhat Ahmad Dar, son of Ghulam Rasool, was killed.
“This incident proves that the security forces have a free license to kill Kashmiri Muslims without any apprehension of being accountable to any law,” a statement issued by Jama’at spokesman, Advocate Zahid Ali said.
He said that the very presence of forces was “a great threat to the life, property and honor of the people here.”
“These personnel are in reality insecurity force for Kashmiris and so far they have killed thousands of innocent Kashmiris and received awards and promotions in lieu of the massacre and as such praised for their inhuman acts instead of punishing any guilty one,” the statement said.
The party expressed solidarity with the bereaved family and those injured in the incident.
It also “strongly demanded an exemplary punishment to those involved in this brutality and immediate removal of bunkers from populated areas.”

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