Pollution from cement units hitting agriculture in Shar Shali: Residents

SRINAGAR: The residents of Shar Shali, Pampore demand a proper pollution control mechanism in the surrounding cement factories as the pollution has hit the agriculture and animal life badly in the area.
The residents have been protesting against the increasing levels of pollution in the area due to cement factories and denial of equitable employment opportunities and benefits from these factories.
The locals said that the emission standards should be followed rigorously by these factories and the blasting should be regulated.
Abdul Majid Wani, President of the Zaffron Growers Association in the area said that proper pollution control devices should be in place as increased pollution levels have hit the agriculture and animal life badly.
“The blasting carried in the quarries have resulted in movement of wild animals towards the villages and has even hit the movement of migratory birds,” he said.
The locals also allege that they are not given an equitable chance in employment in these factories and even their services are not hired by the companies for transport of cement as they are denied membership for such activity.
The residents are also denied a subsidized cement from these factories as has been prevalent in their neighboring area Khrew where most of the plants operate.

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