Hayden takes an on-air sly dig at umpire during Arshdeep’s pulsating final over

‘Umpire has done his job for second time this over’

NEW DELHI: One cannot hide the love for his country, which was quite evident on Sunday when former Australian cricketer-turned-commentator Matthew Hayden couldn’t stop himself from pointing out mistakes made by the on-field umpires during paceman Arshdeep Singh’s dramatic final over.

India defeated Australia by six runs in a thrilling fifth and final T20I to clinch the series 4-1 in Bengaluru.

Defending 10 off the last over, Arshdeep started off with a bouncer directed at Matthew Wade, who expressed his frustration as he believed the delivery should have been called a wide.

Upon reviewing the replays, it became evident that the ball had passed above Wade’s helmet, prompting Hayden to comprehend the batter’s emotional reaction.

Hayden’s sarcastic remark

“You can see why he is upset; that’s definitely a wide. Way over his head. It has to be about his position as well. He was standing up on that ball, and it was still over his head,” said Hayden during the commentary.

The second incident unfolded on the penultimate delivery of the over when Nathan Ellis struck the ball directly towards the non-striker’s end. The ball hit the umpire’s right leg after deflecting off Arshdeep’s right hand. In response to this, Hayden made a sarcastic comment, suggesting a collaboration between the umpires and India to secure a favorable outcome for the team.

“The umpire has done his job for the second time this over. Have a look at this. This time, it’s the one in front, not on square. They are tag-teaming here,” Hayden further made a sarcastic remark directed towards on-field umpires.

‘I have nothing to lose’

“I was just thinking that I have nothing to lose as I have already given away a lot of runs. Surya bhai was also saying the same thing that ‘let’s see how it goes.’

“My gut feeling was to bowl a bouncer off the first ball to put some doubt in Wade’s mind and once I got his wicket the belief came (in me) that we can win this match,” said Arshdeep.


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