Foundation stone laid for unique Mehrab, Mimbar at Eidgah Pampore

PAMPORE: The foundation stone for the Mehrab and Mimbar of Eidgah in the Pampore area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district was laid on Sunday.
The inauguration laid by Abdul Khaliq Rain, witnessed the presence of Mohammad Maqbool Shah, President of the Idara Auqaf Islamia Trust (IAIT) Pampore, along with several other senior members of the IAIT Pampore and local residents.
On the occasion, President of the Idara Auqaf Islamia Trust Pampore Pampore Mohammad Maqbool Shah described the uniqueness of the project, saying that the Mehrab and Mimbar will span 80 feet in length and 20 feet in height.
Shah said that this will be a unique structure in Jammu and Kashmir, reflecting the dedication of the IAIT Pampore to enhancing the spiritual and community life of the area.
The event marks a significant step in the development of Eidgah Pampore, promising to become a landmark for worshippers and visitors alike.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Mohammad Maqbool Shah said that today the foundation stone of the Mimber and Mehrab at Eidgah Pampore was laid in the hands of Haji Abdul Khaliq Raina. “All members were invited, and everyone who attended contributed to the construction through donations. The project holds great significance and will be completed with the support of the people of Pampore,” he said.
The Idara president added, “The Mehrab and Mimber will be approximately 80 feet in length and 20 feet in height. According to the design, it will be an impressive structure and, I would say, a unique Mimber and Mehrab in Jammu and Kashmir. There will be back rooms for storage, a separate room for the generator, and a distinct control room for electricity. There will also be arrangements for Eid prayers. The engineer has developed it in a special way.”
“I appeal to the public for their support, as a considerable amount of money will be required. Additionally, for the Wazu Khana and other developments at Eidgah, we will seek donations. I am hopeful that the people of Pampore and the adjoining areas will generously contribute to the development of this Eidgah, and it will be completed soon,” Shah said.


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