Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Home voting for elderly, PwDs witnesses overwhelming response in Kulgam

KULGAM: Following the groundbreaking initiative of “Vote from Home” by the Election Commission of India, the Senior Citizens (85+) and Specially-abled voters of Kulgam District who had opted for the facility casted their votes at their respective homes on Sunday.
Throughout the day, the polling teams braved treacherous and steep terrains to reach eligible voters in different areas.
The voters after availing the facility expressed immense gratitude to the ECI for this initiative.
A 91-year-old voter from Assembly Constituency D. H. Pora, residing in a hilly area, shared his joy and appreciation when a polling party visited his home.
He expressed his overwhelming gratitude for being given the opportunity to cast his vote despite the challenging geography.
Similarly, voters from Devsar, Kulgam, Kund, Hallan and other areas were delighted to see polling teams arrive at their homes, enabling them to participate in the democratic process.
Special measures were implemented to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the voting process during the home voting.
The initiative of home voting marks a decisive step by the ECI towards facilitating a more equitable and representative democracy.


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